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Product Analyst

Montréal, QC and Québec, QC
Full Time
As a Product Analyst at Mirego, you will oversee a large-scale product’s modules and functionalities on several platforms. Collaborating with the Product Owner, your mission is to guide the team and the client into creating a successful product. You can manage priorities, you understand how a feature impacts product usage, and you’re eager to immerse yourself in fascinating industries. You firmly believe that digital products are way more than a set of features—they meet a real need. And the best way to build them is through collaborating with a team of experts who have contributed to creating dozens of products. 
  • You contribute to the completion of a consumer digital product available on several platforms;  
  • You define user stories for the components you’re responsible for and align your deliverables to those of the product.
  • You improve the product backlog (define, prioritize, and document the conditions for success).
  • You document business and functional requirements.
  • You keep the product owner up to date on the decisions that were made, and make the product owner aware of any decision potentially impacting scope or performance (KPI).
  • You advise and support the client on the components under your responsibility and recommend solutions to meet the constraints.
  • You understand the product development stages, grasp the fundamentals (analytics, SEO, ASO, etc.), and are aware of our team’s areas of expertise so you can call on internal experts and back your recommendations when needed.
  • You use the product at every stage of its evolution and provide feedback to the team. 
  • Experience in creating digital products as a team.
  • Demonstrated experience in several of the following areas: product management, Scrum and SAFe methodology, budget management, data analysis, mobile technology, web, design, user experience, marketing, entrepreneurship.
  • Being bilingual (French and English). 
  • You are passionate about digital products, you want to learn and share with a team.
  • Curiosity and enthusiasm for the technological platforms used in web and mobile. development and an understanding of their particularities.
  • Exceptional communications and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent listening skills and an analytical mind.
  • Audacity to innovate and delight.
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