Our clubs

We firmly believe that as an organization, it is our role to generate ample opportunities for our team members to come together so they can learn, self-improve, share victories, reinvent the world, but also build relationships that will stand the test of time.
To support this vision, our team members have founded over 30 clubs—the Mireclubs—a way to gather in smaller groups around common interests.
So how does it work?
So how does it work? Simple! A team member suggests a Mireclub topic, and an activity is organized in a “Mireclub for a day” format. If the event is successful and the team can’t quite contain their excitement, then a new Mireclub is born. Several activities will be planned during the year—courtesy of Mirego.
The Mireclubs
Motivating athletes
❄️ Ski / Snow
🏃 Running
🚲 Biking
⛳️ Golf
🚵‍♀️ Mountain Bike
🧗 Climbing
🏓 Sports
Delighting gourmets
🍳 Foodie
🍻 Microbrewery
🍷 Wine
🥃 Whisky
🌯 Discovery Tuesdays / Wednesday
Playing against the smartest
🎯 Skill Games
💡 Trivia
🎲 Boardgames
♣️ Poker
🎮 Gamers
🔑 Escape Games
🐉 Dungeons & Dragons
Astonishing curious minds
📚 Reading
🇯🇵 Japan
🍿 Cinema
🪵 Woodworking
🎤 Karaoke
🙌 Give back as a team
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