Our values

Our team is proud to recognize itself through eight core values. We believe that having a well-defined list of values that each person relates to is essential in building a strong team for which corporate culture is something that everyone nurtures every day.


Win as a team

Help each other out and make decisions based on what’s best for the team. – Albert Dang-Vu


Be worthy of people’s trust

Everyday, we have got to provide a constant effort to remain industry leaders so that renowned companies keep trusting us with their business. – Rémi Prévost


Exceed expectations

Always try to surprise people by exceeding their expectations. Don’t tell people you’re good at something, just deliver great results. – Albert Dang-Vu


Dare to innovate and surprise

It’s important to step out of our comfort zones and learn about new terrain. Once we understand the multiple fields we’re dealing with, we can actually create a whole new one. Who would have thought that by combining basketball, frisbee and a football field, we’d end up with ultimate frisbee? Do you want to be part of the team? – Mathieu Baron


Embrace change as a way of life

At Mirego, we often challenge our ways of doing things and we even change specialities sometimes! For me, it’s the best way to get out of my comfort zone, force me to try and learn new things and become a better programmer. – Charles Demers


Be passionate and authentic

Passion fuels my creativity, it keeps me up at night and it gets me up in the morning. At Mirego people are passionate about their job and it’s why it never feels like work to come to the office. – Charles Demers


Do more with less

You have to learn to identify and extract recurring blocks in projects and not try to reinvent the wheel everytime. – Pascal Hamel


Don’t take life too seriously

We don’t save lives (yet) but we can wildly improve them! Now, that is fun! – Charles Cantin